Eat Your Own Dog Food

January 4th, 2021

"Eat Your Own Dog Food".

It's a sign of a good product, so they say - or at least it's a hint that the proponent of a product isn't using you as a guinea pig. 

I spent a considerable amount of my spare time (and some actual work time, where appropriate) creating a CMS that works the way that I think they should work, and if I have any hope of having anybody else use it (other than clients who don't care how something works, as long as it just does), then I need to use it myself regularly in the way that an end-user would and not as some mad-scientist-tinkerer who's just cackling while writing shitty code.

… and what better way to test a venerable king of CMS' than to write a blog. I mean, it's how Joomla and WordPress started, so if my fledgling effort can't do that, then I might as well give up, right? 

So wish me luck on my journey as I use this blog as a self-referential diary of fuck-ups and potential victories in continuing to craft this product while also using it, and discovering why it might not be as great as I think it could be.